When disputes involve businesses or individuals based in different countries, those involved are often confronted with an array of complex issues in multiple jurisdictions.

We assist in those issues, including representing a foreign party sued in Japanese courts, issuing proceedings against a party in a different jurisdiction, enforcing a foreign judgment in Japan, and advising on dealing with arbitral awards.

We have extensive experience in cross-border dispute resolution both in civil law and common law jurisdictions.

Our experience includes representing:
  • A French individual in its claim against a UK investment bank for a bonus claim in Japan.
  • A Japanese manufacturer in its claim against a Chinese state-owned company in Hong Kong.
  • A Japanese steel manufacturer in its claim against a Hong Kong bank for an L/C dispute.
  • A South African medical manufacturer in its claim against the Japanese subsidiary of a French medical manufacturer.
  • A Hong Kong IT company in its claim against a Japanese trade company.


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