Foreign companies which have set up their subsidiary/branch in Japan will send their employee by using the “Intra-company Transferee” visa. If s/he plays a manager role at the subsidiary/branch, the company may apply for a “Business Manager” visa for him/her. The “Business Manager” visa may also be applied by foreign entrepreneurs who are going to start a business in Japan. Further, Fukuoka City offers a one-year “Startup” visa which has fewer prerequisites for such foreign entrepreneurs (for more details, please read Startup Visa).

Japan visa

The most frequently used visa for white-collar workers is an “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services”. This lengthy named visa covers from a computer programmer (“Engineer”) to an English teacher (“International Services”). While “Engineer” indicates jobs related to natural science, “Specialist in Humanities” indicates jobs related to social science, for instance, an accounting/legal manager. A skilled worker such as a chef/cook falls within a “Skilled Labour” visa

Those who are assessed to have highly skills in accordance with the points-based system may apply for a “Highly Skilled Professionals” visa. The points are calculated by educational and professional background, qualifications, annual income and research results etc. This preferential visa allows a foreigner, amongst other things, to obtain a “Permanent Resident” visa in 1 or 3 years.

Further, it was decided on December 2018 that new “Specified Skills” visa for blue-collar workers will be introduced from April 2019.

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