We are a small law firm but clearly differentiate ourselves from other Japanese law firms.

The below are what makes us unique.


1. First-class Cross-border Experience

We have hands-on experience in handling cross-border cases in Japan, which has Continental legal traditions, and in Hong Kong, which has English legal traditions.


2. Bespoke Service

We are small and flexible, and therefore can offer bespoke dispute resolution service. We treat each case as Sherlock Holmes does.


3. No Win, No Fee Available

On a no win, no fee basis, the client is not responsible for paying the fee until s/he wins the case.


4. Global Perspective

We have a liaison office in Hong Kong, where East meets West. Combined with relationships with lawyers in other countries, we are connected with a global legal network.

We can also communicate with our clients in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, in addition to Japanese.


5. Local Insights

The founder was born and raised in Fukuoka. We have a strong local network and, above all, love where we live.



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