• No Collection, No Fee

  • 10+ Years of Experience

  • Qualified Lawyer

Miyake Law assists businesses across the world with the recovery of all types of debts throughout Japan. Lawyers are more effective than collection agencies as we have more options, including asset disclosure, enforcement and provisional attachment (kari sashiosae).

In most cases at Miyake Law, debts are settled out of court without judicial intervention. This is because your customers know what lawyers can do, and it often makes sense to settle debts amicably in terms of time and costs for the debtors.

 No Collection, No Fee

10+ Years of Experience

 Qualified Lawyer

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No collection, no fee

No collection, no fee

We act to collect undisputed debts on a no collection, no fee commission basis, covering all 4 stages of our debt recovery service. Our commission starts from 10% and will increase depending on which stage the debt is finally recovered.

Stage Commission
Stage 1 10%
Stage 2 to 4 +5% each

* The minimum success fee is ¥300,000.
* The 10% consumption tax is included.
* Disbursements and expenses (court fees etc.) are excluded.
* If a long-term payment plan is arranged with the debtor, a management charge is applicable.


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