We generally charge for our services on a fixed fee basis, contingency fee basis or a combination of both. We call an initial fixed fee “retainer fee” and a fee contingent on success “success fee”. A success fee can be an agreed fixed amount or an agreed percentage of the damages or whatever recovered by the opponent.

Below are the fee tables for cases that we mainly handle. For matters not listed below, we generally quote a fee in advance on a case-by-case basis, referring to the Japan Bar Association’s old guideline.

Dispute Resolution

Generally, dispute resolution consists of two stages: the negotiation stage and the stage of the proceedings (i.e. litigation, mediation…).
We charge half the amount of the retainer fee in the table below at the negotiation stage. If no settlement is reached through the negotiation, you may further instruct us to commence proceedings by paying the balance of the retainer fee.

Claim Amount
  • ≤ ¥3M
  • ¥3M < ¥30M
  • ¥30M ≤ ¥300M
  • ¥300M <
Retainer Fee
  • 10%
  • 5% + ¥150,000
  • 3% + ¥750,000
  • 2% + ¥3,750,000
Recovered Amount
  • ≤ ¥3M
  • ¥3M < ¥30M
  • ¥30M ≤ ¥300M
  • ¥300M <
Success Fee
  • 20%
  • 10% + ¥300,000
  • 6% + ¥1,500,000
  • 4% + ¥7,500,000

Labour Tribunal

You may choose a preferred plan from the below two: (1) “no win, no fee” plan (no upfront fee but 45% success fee) or (2) quasi-contingency fee plan (¥300,000 upfront fee plus 16% success fee).

¥300,000 retainer fee
16% success fee
No retainer fee
45% success fee

Debt Recovery

We act on a “no recovery, no fee” basis, consisting only of a success fee ranging 10-20%, to collect undisputed debts.
If the debtor disputes your claim at any point, however, this will fall outside of our debt recovery service as this will be deemed a dispute. We can still offer you our dispute resolution service.

Recovered Amount
  • ¥‎5,000,000 or less
  • ¥5,000,001 - ¥‎50,000,000‎
  • ¥50,000,001 or more
Success Fee
  • 20%
  • 15% + ¥250,000
  • 10% + ¥2,750,000

Court Fees

The Court Fee Schedule is available. For instance, if you file a claim for ¥30 million in a District Court, you will be required to pay ¥110,000 for the court fee.

You will also be required to deposit a court’s postage fee, except for filing a motion for a ‘demand for payment’ online. This generally amounts to ¥6,000.




Start a Business in Fukuoka

Company incorporation


  • GK (equivalent to ‘LLC’)


  • KK (equivalent to ‘Co., Ltd.’)



Business manager visa application




Monthly retainer


  • Daily legal advice


  • Bookkeeping, HR/payroll and daily legal advice



Tax return filing





* Disbursements (government filing fees etc.) are included.

* Consumption tax is excluded.

* The ‘Bookkeeping’, ‘HR/payroll’ and ‘Tax return filing’ services will be provided by our associated tax accountant.