We help you to recover undisputed debts on a ‘no recovery, no fee’ basis. If the debtor contests your claim at any point, your case falls within the scope of dispute resolution rather than debt recovery.

The 3 stages of our debt recovery involve:

1. Demand Letter

We send a demand letter to the debtor company to let them know (i) the case has been formally passed to the attorney’s hand and (ii) the case will be brought to court if the debt is not settled. We add the interest agreed in the contract (if any) or a 3% statutory interest on your claim.

2. Issuing a Court Claim

Suppose the debtor ignores our demand letter. In that case, we will file a motion for ‘demand for payment (shiharai tokusoku)’ with a summary court. You will obtain a writ of execution in 4 weeks unless the debtor files an objection.

3. Enforcement

Once a writ of execution is obtained, it is possible to enforce the debt against the debtor’s assets. If enforceable assets are not found or insufficient, asset disclosure is optionally available at this stage.

Our debt recovery service optionally includes:

For detail on our ‘no recovery, no fee’ arrangement, please see the fee for debt recovery. For any other queries, please complete our online form or contact us on +81 (0)92 287 4640.